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Lover Starsign

When it comes to love, Aquarius is one of the more interesting signs as many London escorts will tell you. If you have ever been lucky enough to date an Aquarius during your London escorts career, you will know that they are often very different from other star signs that you will have dated in the past. What makes them so different? They are often forward looking and keep coming up with new ideas of having fun. As a matter of fact, you could easily imagine Aquarius working as new sex toy developers.  

What does 2021 have in store for Aquarius? If you are an attached Aquarius and not into dating London escorts, your love life will have a few up and downs during 2021. More than any other star sign, Aquarius have felt frustrated by the lock down. They hate being stuck in the house all of the time. Working from home is certainly not the sort of thing Aquarius finds easy. Often you will have found Aquarius day  dreaming of London escorts in front of their computers.  

Single Aquarius have found lock down easier to cope with. At the same time, it has to be said that many of them have found themselves telling their London escorts companions that they miss not having a permanent companion. Surprisingly, many Aquarius like to chat. Zoom calling is not for them so many of them have been setting up extra dates with London escorts to enjoy a bit of female company. Of course, London escorts have not minded at all. They often like to enjoy a chat with men born under this sign.  

Are Aquarius romantic? There are those who say that Aquarius are a bit too far out to be romantic. The truth is that romance is not on top of the agenda for Aquarius. Instead many of them like to think ahead and plan. Aquarius are very futuristic and like to think out of the box as so many London escorts have found out. Going on a date with an Aquarius is a different experience. You are much more likely to end up on in an art gallery than in a restaurant. If you don’t mind that, going on a date with an Aquarius is often an experience you will not forget in a hurry.  

One thing that London escorts have noted about Aquarius, is that they seem to have a passion for erotic art. Many of them have very extensive erotic art collections that they love to show off to visitors to their homes. It is also worth noting that many artists are born under this sign. They tend to be modern artists that create some very interesting paintings and sculptures. Dating an Aquarius is not for everybody, but if you do like to hang out with someone who has a different take on dating, then you will have a lot of fun together with an Aquarius.